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    Default How to strip paint off hardware still attached to walls


    I am trying to find the best method for stripping the paint off my door hinges. The hinges have 4 large screws on each side, and the screws are filled with paint. I am totally willing to take the hardware off the doors and boil it with baking soda or vinegar or dish detergent, as these were the suggestions that popped up most when I searched for how to handle these hinges.
    BUT the screws are so filled with paint, it's impossible to get the hinges off with all the paint on them as they are now. I would like to not damage the surrounding door, as everything else is in very good condition. I just need to figure out a way to get enough paint off these hinges to get them off the doors. Preferably a way that isn't too difficult, as I've got roughly 40 hinges to get off.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Default Re: How to strip paint off hardware still attached to walls

    Here's what i do.
    1. Remove pins and separate the hinges .
    2. Cut around the hinge with a utility knife to break the paint bond.
    3. Scrap enough paint off the screws with a knife to see the slot.
    4. Use an old screwdriver held at about 45 degrees at the edge of the screw and tap it with a hammer and drive the paint out of the slot. It might take a few passes to clean the slot out and you may have to do it from both sides of the screw.
    5.Remove the screws and gently pry the hinge half out.
    6.Then use whatever stripping method you want.
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