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    I have a 35 year old, one story ranch with a ventilation problem. During the winter I get considerable condensation on the windows when its below 30 outside, and being in northern New York that is all winter.I thought it might be attic ventilation so I installed two 14" wind turbines near the peak of the roof, and additional soffit vents. This didn't seem to help. There is no poly vapor barrier on any of the interior walls or ceiling, but the exterior of the house was wrapped with felt paper during construction. The windows are Anderson casements, and there is very little outside air infiltration anywhere in the house. The basement walls do get wet on occasion, but I have a wood burning stove down there that keeps moisture to a minimum. I keep thinking it may be a matter of attic ventilation, and go with a continious ridge vent, and a fully vented soffit. A dehumidifier+ the wood stove in the basement don't seem to help.Also the clothes dryer,range hood, and bathrooms, are all vented to the outside so this should not be a problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, my windows are getting moldy from all of the moisture.

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    In the winter your huse should be dry as you know. Usually you need humidfier to add moisture. Is there a humidifier on the furnace? The humidistat might be set to high. The dryer is poorly vented are two major things I would check. is the moisture between the windows or on the inside of the house?

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    northernbill .... perhaps i"m just over tired but .... I'm trying to follow your reasoning for thinking the attic ventilation is the cause of high humidity in the living space.

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