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    Default New Doors on Metal Jams

    I have metal door jams and the hinges are built into the jams. I don't want to remove the jams, I just want new doors. I'm thining of sawzalling the hinges off and starting new but that seems a little rough. My other option is to keep the existing hinges and cut the door to match, but I have a feeling i'm going to have a bunch of doors that don't work right if I do it that way. Any advise on this would be appriciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: New Doors on Metal Jams

    You should be able to separate the door from the jamb by removing the pin from the hinge. Once separated, remove the remaining half of the hinge from the door, then use the old door as a template to cut the hinges into the new door. If you are unsure of your abilities to do this yourself, then any door supplier - that's door supplier, not a big box, super center, or "one stop shop" - can cut the door and install the hinges for you. Another option would be to hire a tradesman to do it for you. The advantage of a tradesman is that the doors would be done on site so that there will be no security or privacy issues. A supplier would take your old door and up to a week to do the work, leaving you without anything at all.

    Hope this helped.

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