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Thread: granite stains

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    Unhappy granite stains

    I had granite countertops installed over a year ago, I now have black stains on both sides of my stove on the granite the company that installed it claims it got too hot, the stove is electric and is brand new, what should I do.

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    Default Re: granite stains

    I would say your were given some misinformation. either you have a quartz counter top or the stain is from grease off the bottom of the pots or something of that sort. granite will not discolor when put under High heat. (I have tested this out with probally at least 50 different stones using map gas which is about 2000 degrees hotter than propane) I would try putting tape dam around the stain then pouring a light coating of bleach into the dam, let it set for about a half hour then pat it dry and repeat and it should after about 5 or 6 applications either be much lighter or be gone. if not check back and I will give you some different poltice recipes

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