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    Hi, I suspect that my soil is way off as far as pH and nutrients. I saw an TOH episode where they recommended testing your soil. I've read that home test kits are not reliable except for pH.

    In the episode, they sent out their samples to a college that does these tests and got precise reports as well as recommendations to treat their soil

    How do I find a good resource for testing my soil? Does anyone have any recommendations?


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    DIY soil test kits are accurate enough for the purposes of most folks. One of the most common "inaccuracies" is that the DIY testers use color differential, which is a subjective means of determining the actual nutrient and pH levels. The key is that the chemicals used in the test are fresh. Don't use a kit with faded or damaged color charts, don't use chemicals that are past their shelf life or that have any sign contamination.

    If you do go the route of a professional test, check with your city/county agricultural extension office, they should be able to direct you to a free or low cost facility to do the test for you.

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    Independant garden shops often provide the service too.

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    You can go to your local Agriculture Extension Office and obtain a kit, free of charge. They may assist you in collecting the sample and help you with interpeting the results of the test. And give recomendations of what to do. My wife works at our local office. We think this may be your best option. Good luck.

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