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    Default Garage Door Gaps

    Last January I purchased a bi-level built in 1979.
    The garage door is a double-wide, using a powered opener.
    When the door is in the closed position, only the middle touches the floor, with the ends having a gap of 1 - 2" between the floor and the bottom of the door.
    I have loosened & re-tightened all the door connector brackets in an effort to level the door in the closed position, but when I operated the door again the situation didn't change.
    Is there a way to remedy this in liu of replacing the door?
    Please advise.
    Russell K. Murray
    Nutley NJ

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    Default Re: Garage Door Gaps

    I "fixed" one of these situations where the floor had risen, causing a 1-1/2" gap on either side of the door between the door and the floor. The fix was to remove the weatherstrip from the bottom of the door, rip shims from a 2x4 and install them to the bottom of the door, then reinstall the weatherstrip. This was a painted wood door, so the shims were not noticeable when finished.

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