Soterra, a relatively new natural stone material -- in my case white marble -- seemed like a wonderful way to give a small (about 5 x 8) bathroom BIG appeal. The Soterra breaks easily, but with reproduction fixtures and lots of trim it produces stunning beauty. Within 2 weeks of use, however, the marble in the shower/tub surround began to darken from the tub upwards. Soterra's tech folk admitted to having a "wicking" problem that could be fixed by placing the panels in a small pool of sealer. By removing trim and forming a dam around the tub edge we were able soak the panels over several weeks until the "wicking" stopped. Back in use, however, the problem reappeared despite elaborate silicone work and 6 quarts of sealer. Now Soterra is giving us a runaround. Has anyone else had this problem? How'd you solve it?