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    Unhappy Odd shaped tub is my trouble


    My husband was determined to keep this cast iron tub in our 100+ house. The problem is that it is odd shaped. It has two walls and the other end he had built a wall but it leaked and was ugly! We decided to tile the shower walls but we cannot get the wall on the end of the tub to fit the angle of the tub. If we put the wall in the way it was, the cement board and tile will hang over the top of the tub. Is there any type of material we could use to creat a sturdy wall that sits on the tub, can be cut to fit the angle of the tub and also support the shower doors?? I thought about glass blocks but did not know how we would attach the shower door frame to it safely.
    Thanks for any and ALL suggestions.

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    Default Re: Odd shaped tub is my trouble

    How much of a ledge is there from the basin part of the tub to the edge of the tub. Most have atleast an inch or two. It seems to me that an end wall should come out past the tub skirt by about two inches atleast. Your tile backer shoud come down to about 1/2" above the tub. Then your tile can come down and rest on the tub.

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