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    Default Removing large junipers

    I have three large juniper bushes that I want to remove. [I know that I need to call dig-safe to get my utilities marked.]

    There was a DIY show that demonstrated using some walk-behind hydraulic machine to lift and pull the bush out, but I can't remember what it was called.

    It had large rubber treads (not wheels) and it's controls appeared similar to an electric pallet jack, but instead of long forks it had short forks that could be angled down to dig under the tree's roots. These short forks were then angled upward to uproot the tree. Then they secured a chain around the base of the trunk and used the machine to pull the juniper out. The machine made the job look effortless.

    Can anybody name this machine? Any idea where I might rent one?

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    Default Re: Removing large junipers

    Sounds kind of like a mini-skid steer (Bobcat ) with an attachment. My neighbor is a landscaper who recently bought one of these things because he installs a lot of ponds, sprinkler systems, etc. His machine has a trencher, rototiller, bucket, and a couple other attachments. Check your local rental yard for something like this with the attachment you are looking for.

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