Hey folks,

I have a deck that wraps around the front and side of the house and is at the 2nd floor level. The deck needs to be rebuilt this year, but more importantly the piers supporting the deck have been disintegrating over the past couple years and move quite a bit with the frost. A few of the piers have even moved from their original position and are at a lean.

There's a high water table to deal with also. At times the heaving during the winter is so bad that a couple deck posts will swing in the breeze, making a very unsafe situation.

I've started to investigate geotechnical engineers, but I thought I'd throw a thread out there to see if anyone else has had to deal with a similar situation.

The entire deck will come down this summer, but starting from the ground up, what should I do in order to build more stable supports in a high water table/frost heaving area of W. MA?

Thanks for any suggestions that may be of help!!