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    Default Convert old cast iron baseboard to slant fin


    I have an old house with six inch burnham cast iron baseboard on it. I recently had one split due to a possible freeze up. I was using a wood stove at the time. In the morning when the fire died it was cold, I turned the thermostat up, about 5 minutes later...BAM! Baseboard radiator had a six inch horizontal split. Is this consistant with a freeze or old age?

    As the baseboard in the house is quite old and the valves/connections too. There have been some leaks here and there. I don't suspect this will get better with time. I am considering replacing all this with slant fin 30. My heating guy thinks I'm making a big mistake.

    I'd appreciate some pro's and cons.

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    Default Re: Convert old cast iron baseboard to slant fin

    The break sounds like a freeze-up---cast iron will last forever if it isn't allowed to freeze--copper-finned Slant/fin will freeze & break in similar conditions.

    I think you should keep the cast iron---it gives off a radiant as well as convective heat that you won't get with copper-fin.

    The cast iron stays hot for hours--emitting heat long after the copper-fin, which cools after 15 minutes or so.

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