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    Default Changing Shower Knobs

    Our shower head is on one wall our knobs on another. Want to have both on same wall. How to?


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    Default Re: Changing Shower Knobs

    Here's a simplified drawing of a shower/tub control

    The unit is behind the wall in back of the knobs. The cold and hot water supply is attached to the controls, when the knob is turned on the water goes to the diverter or mixing chamber. If it is a diverter the diverter knob determines if the water goes up or down, other wise closing off the tub spigot causes the water to go up to the shower head. If it is a shower only The line to the tub is plugged and the water can only go from the mixing chamber to the shower head.

    To put both on the same wall, the easiest thing would be to move the shower head above the control, You would disconnect the existing piping and put a straight pipe up the inside of the wall from the mixing chamber to the shower head.

    Moving the knobs would require moving the supply lines and the control.
    Hope this helps.
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