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    Default Pool Deck/Sidewalk Leveling

    Parts of my pool deck/sidewalk have sunk and are now longer level with the rest of the deck/sidewalk. Is it possiable to level the pool deck/sidewalk in the those areas.

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    Default Re: Pool Deck/Sidewalk Leveling

    Use a concrete saw to seperate the lowered parts from the level parts. Break up the old unleveled parts. Add gravel to form a base as to where you will pour a nes concrete sidewalk to feplave the old on.

    If it is low enoungh, over 3", you can pour new concret ontop of the old concrete, BUT you will still have to drill holes in the old conctete and install securing brackets to go from the old concrete to the inside of the new concrete bing poured. This will prevent the two from seperating.

    I suggest the first one of busting up the unlevel parts. Good luck. Process of elimination.

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