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    Default Oil Tank Removal

    I need to remove an empty oil tank and, to do so, I need to cut and cap the fill/vent pipes. The pipes are metal and I wondered if I could use PVC and pipe dope or do I need to cut threads on the pipe and close off with a metal cap.

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    Default Re: Oil Tank Removal

    You can cut the pipes off, fill with concrete, remove the pipes completely or any thing else to prevent some one from accidentally trying to fill the removed tank.
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    Default Re: Oil Tank Removal

    There's usually no need to go thru the aggravation of cutting the pipe.

    When first installed, they are screwed-in compression threads that are installed with a large pipe wrench (the ones with teeth).

    They can be dis-assembled the same way, starting on the exterior of the house & working in---use penetrating oil & a length of black steel pipe to slip over the wrench handle if you need more leverage to loosen the pipe sections from each other.

    Close up the hole in the foundation with caulking compound or cement patch.

    There are short steel nipples & caps available at HD/Lowe's you can use to close the openings---measure the hole diameters before you buy--each one is usually slightly different.

    The center opening can be fitted with a steel nipple that will take the hook of a block & tackle or electric hoist if you have to do it alone---get at least one other helper otherwise.

    The old tank can be listed in the classifieds & sold for $50-$100.
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    Default Re: Oil Tank Removal

    I used to do control wiring for a heating company. They removed an old oil fired boiler and installed a gas boiler. They removed the tank and capped the old fill tubes on the outside of the house. The very next day the oil company came and removed the cap and filled the basement with 200 gallons of fuel oil. Remove or fill them with concrete....

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