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    Default painted over wallpaper paste

    ouch! i guess i did not get all the old paste off the wallboard after removing the paper. after i painted the walls (i did prime first) i got this alligatoring effect on the walls a few eeks later -- in other words, the paint has blistered. this problem is not isolated to a small spot but over almost all of the four walls. is there any easy solution?

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    Default Re: painted over wallpaper paste

    paper tiger and start over.

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    Default Re: painted over wallpaper paste

    I think one way to approach this would be to see how much of the blistering will come off with a gentle scraping (you don't want to damage the drywall).

    Then, I would skim coat with joint compound. Let that sit for a few days. If it stays as you left it - no additional blistering or alligatoring - then skim more if needed to get it smooth enough, then sand and prime. If that holds, then paint.

    You might start the whole process by just doing a smaller test area. If that works, go ahead and treat the whole room.

    In my work, I often skim coat over wallpaper paste, doing one coat per day until I get it as I want it. I have had good success.

    But, I NEVER paint over paste. If I can't get the paste off easily, then I skim coat and retexture if necessary, or just leave smooth.

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