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    Question Need Advice

    I want to put in a bathroom in my basement that has overhead sewers. The tricky part is I have hot water radiant heating system in the house with a couple of pipes going under the concrete basement floor. One plumber told me he will break the floor apart to put in the sewage pipes to a ejector pump in a pit and if he hits one the pipes he will repair it, no big deal he said. Another plumber wouldn't do the job because he does'nt want to break a hot water pipe. Should I trust the plumber who wants the job?

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    It sounds to me like the first plumber is going to be okay, after all he said if he hit the pipe he would fix it.

    The second sounds like he didn't want the hassle
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    I guess you have never hung a picture on a wall and got water squirting back out at you. Things happen, like breaking pipe, and such. The only thing I would REALLY push for is an inspector to come. Have the plumber pull the needed permits. Yes, it will cost more money. However, the peace of mind is worth the few extra dollars. And the lines broken will be tested and then inspected. Good luck. Process of elimination.

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