I would like to add my two sense here. I was also dubious of the 25 year or life time warranty. I am a painting contractor and one of my more meticulous clients contracted me to paint his historic home.He knew he wanted us because we had a reputation for sanding down old homes and keeping the integrity of the wood. His only stipulation was that we use permanent paint. He told me the life span and I laughed. I told him in 21 years in painting homes i know nothing lasts that long. After the work was done i realized some of the neighbors had used this product 10 years before. So i went to the home to inspect. Those visits changed my entire view of the paint industry. The house had zero peeling and looked like it was painted 1 year ago. I did not believe it so I went back to the house several times to try to catch the owners at home. finally after the third visit I caught the homeowner. He proceeded to tell me he got the house painted ten years ago and that since he moved into the house using the permanent solution was the best decision he has made in the time he owned the home.
What was even more amazing to me was the the home was not prepped well. The prep job was poor not at all to our standards but it had no peeling and the finish still had great sheen. I have spent days prepping, sanding and priming and painting only to have paint jobs fail in a few years because the regular paint products are so poor today. I am in the process of changing the entire way we paint homes, we will use permanent paint from now on. I am tired of working really hard prepping only to have a disappointed client a few years down the road.