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    Question Painting a six panel door

    I have new door, primered with Acrylic water based primer/sealer. I'm using Ace Royal Hi Gloss Acrylic Latex Enamel and every brush and roller mark shows! I bought new nylon brushes and smooth rollers. What gives?? What am I doing wrong? I've sanded and repainted by brush after the roller.


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    Default Re: Painting a six panel door

    The only way to apply a mark free finish is to spray it on. Using brush and/or rollers, there is no way to avoid application marks. You can take some measures to soften some of the brush marks, however.
    1. Lay the door on a flat surface and use a paint additive that extends the drying time, this will give the paint time to flow and flatten out.
    2. Use a high quality brush such as a Purdy or Baker brand, and make sure it's appropriate for the type of paint you're using.
    3. Use the correct amount of paint on the brush when laying off the door. Too much will glob and pool, too little will cause dragging and more obvious stroke marks.
    4. Use high quality paint.
    Using these techniques, you'll still have brush marks, but they will be less obtrusive.

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