There is a lot of planting lore around, like planting during the dark side of the moon and by astrological signs. The dark side of the moon may have some validity, but I remember hearing a long time ago about planting corn when oak leaves are the size of mouse ears.

That got me wondering if nature provided the best planting times, but for the most part, we just aren't in tune with it. Since then, I've heard a couple more. Plant potatoes, peas, lettuce and something else when the Forsythia blooms and set out or plant tomatoes when Dogwoods bloom.

Do any of you have some more of this planting lore that you would be willing to share? Maybe if we get enough, TOH might want to do an article about this. Over the years I have read many gardening books and subscribed to more than a few gardening magazines and I have never seen any comprehensive discussion on this.