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    Question Even out my yard

    I need to grade my yard (30,000 sq ft), and I don't know if I should use a skid steer with a bucket, or something else? I have heard and seen a rake attachement that drags behind the skid steer, but I wasn't sure if that was just for the finishing touches. We had a bunch of stumps when we moved in and I ground them so the yard has a bunch of humps and little valleys.

    Thanks for any input!
    Todd Hammond

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    Default Re: Even out my yard

    I'm assuming you're looking to reseed/sod the area once it's been graded. With an area that large I would use a wheeled tractor with a rototiller and sc****r box. Make sure that you always grade slope into the yard to facilitate drainage away from structures and prevent pooling within the yard. If you need to add a drainage system, now would be the time. Also take the time to design and install a good watering system which should include a "map" of all things in the yard - water mains, sprinkler lines, drainage, underground electrical, sewage, anything that would be good to know where it's at later. A little more on sprinkler systems: Whatever you do, use one brand of parts, preferably name brand because name brands tend to perform better, but primarily because you'll always be able to get replacement parts for them.

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