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    Default Dirty Concrete Patio Floor

    I have a screened (sides and top) concrete patio (lanai in FL). I've stained the concrete with concrete stain. Every time it rains, the dirt that has collected on the top screening washes down on the concrete patio and imbeds itself in the concrete, making it very difficult to clean. I'm looking for something to cover the concrete with -- tile, a finish -- that will be easier to clean, and look more decorative than a plain concrete surface. Any recommendations?
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    Default Re: Dirty Concrete Patio Floor

    I wouldn't recommend tile. The grout would create easy channels for water to travel to areas that could compromise your siding or foundation. They can also be slick when wet.

    I know from experience. I have terra cotta tiles on my front porch. The previous owners laide it unevenly and didn't take into account that the porch should slant away from the house. Instead the outer edge seems to be higher than the perimeter against the house. Water collects in the grout lines and runs straight to my board and batten siding. UGH!!!!
    Debby in Oklahoma

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