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    Smile backyard drainage problem

    I have a lot of water that runs from my neighbors yard when it rains they are at the top of the hill in my subdivision my home is at the bottom i get all the water from four other yards any ideas

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    Default Re: backyard drainage problem

    You are not giving us much to work with here. Perhaps some measured drawings or pics. Be sure to give us an idea of the contours.

    What kind of slope are you working with?
    Is there room between the houses for you to channel it out that way? How about an installed drain?
    Is there adequate yard for some contouring to push the water out?
    Will the neighbors work with you to help the problem?

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    Red face Re: backyard drainage problem

    I have a similar situation at my house. I'm the higher neighbor and when I pumped out my pool I turned my lower neighbor into a bog. I didn't realize the water wasn't actually soaking into my garden and flower beds.

    Around 2 sides of their metal "barn" they dug a channel, put gravel and fabric around a drainage pipe. The pipe on my side failed, the drain attached to it runs under the drive way and into their back yard, bad move, the new owners have 2 small kids.

    My thought is, I want to put a tank/drainage field like they did in Cambridge in the space between their house and mine. I don't know how we would do it and keep our trees but I would love to harness the water rather than see it flow away.

    They're contemplating a swimming pool but if they weren't I would suggest the same thing to them.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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