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    Default shower floor tile

    We recently had our master bathroom remodeled. Our contractor layed a wet bed on our shower floor and installed (very expensive) glass mosaic tiles into the wet bed. Well one of the little tiles came "clean" off the mesh backing (and the wet bed). The adjacent tiles now feel loose as well. Why did this happen and how can we fix it?? Please help!!

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    Default Re: shower floor tile

    OK, a couple of questions. When you say wet bed, I'm thinking that the contractor built up a "mud bet" about two inches thick with concrete, tapered it to the drain, etc. In other words, the old fashioned way, but did he set this tile directly into this mud bed?

    Normally, they wait for it to dry, then put down a layer of thinset, trowel it with a v notched trowel and set the tile into it. Is this what he did? Then they come back later and grout the joints.

    And one last question, glass tiles on a shower floor? For a shower floor, you want a tile that provides some friction so you don't slip. My favorite are the little hex tiles that provide a coefficient of friction of about .7. These are very difficult to install and keep the tile spacing uniform, it takes a real artist, but a well done hex tile floor is a thing of beauty.

    Glass tiles make a beautiful wall though, it takes a real artist for those too. I really appreciate a well done glass tile wall.

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