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    Default Freezing Sewer Line

    Hello, My mother has a home that was built 3 years ago. We are in Ohio. The sewer line is freezing up and backing up. We recently discovered that the main line comming out of the house is only burried at 13 inches deep and this is where it is freezing up. The Frost line in our area is 2' 10" and code calls for the line to be at least 3' below the ground. The house is built on a concrete slab. The builder is bankrupt and out of business, and never had a final plumping inspection done on the home. We cant afford to re-run a new line. Is there any type of heating element that can be inserted in the line for a reasonable cost to keep it from freezing.

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    Howdy, you can have the line thawed but real issue is its above the frost zone. Likely need to either build up the soils grade so you raise the freeze zone- or replace the line deeper. Was the house a summer cabin? I as as these are the only ones that i have seen where the sewer lines were never intended for winter use....

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    I contend a sewer line, if installed with correct grade should never have standing water in it to freeze. I would try putting some straw in the yard where you think the line is or try running some hot water down the drain. Thats gonna be a tough one.

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