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    Question 1920's House -Plaster or Wallpaper Ceiling?


    I recently bought an old house from the 1920's, and I 'm trying to figure out how to repair the ceiling on the kitchen. (My whole house is plaster and the other ceilings are clearly plaster, but this kitchen ceiling is different!) I can't tell if it is a plaster ceiling or if it is a ceiling that has wallpaper over it. There is a flap starting to sag. It reminds me of old plaster of paris. It looks like a thickly-coated fabric in a way, but I mean a lot of coating. There appear to be some seams? Some people hear it and assume it is plaster, others say it must be old ceiling paper. Whichever it is, I want to stop the sag before it grows, and repairing it depends on my first knowing which it is! Can someone describe the difference? How can I tell? AND if some sort of ceiling paper is the problem, how does one repair it? Can I put adhesive underneath and reattach, or do I need supports?

    If you need a photograph, let me know, and I will try to get hold of a digital camera.

    Thanks so very much for your help in this mystery!
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    Default Re: 1920's House -Plaster or Wallpaper Ceiling?

    I suppose the best thing to do is let an expert look at it as it is hard to know how the ceiling would look like after so many years.
    I feel that it is a plaster ceiling covered with layers of wallpaper over the years but it is hard to tell without a picture.


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