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    Question prep for floating wood floor

    How do I measure a room to make sure it is "square" before I begin to install floating wood floor over cement slab?

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    Default Re: prep for floating wood floor

    You can use the 345 method, which is measuring a right triangle with one leg at 3' , one leg at 4', and the hypotenuse (long leg ) will equal 5' if all things are square.

    If you use a multiple to get a larger triangle, multiply each leg by the same multiple.
    Example: a multiple of 3 would mean leg one is 9', leg two is 12', and the hypotenuse is 15'.

    What you're going to find is that there won't be any straight or square walls, you'll want to choose your visible lines, say a hallway from the front door to the back of the house, and make this area look the best and build out from there. With wider planks, you won't notice things that are not perfectly straight and square, with narrow strip flooring it's more of an issue, but you still have to work with what you have. Sometimes it's a matter of splitting the difference in several spots, rather than trying to make everything "perfect". Also keep in mind that you'll be leaving 3/8" gap between the flooring and the wall, to be covered with baseboards. If you use a base that matches the flooring, you'll find that it will hide visual differences better than using a painted base, IMHO, a matching base looks better as well.

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