I recently had a new set of french doors installed. The first few rain storms there was no leaking. But last night we had a major wind and rain storm(more than one inch of rain fell in a hour) that blew in the direction of the doors. When i woke up i had a small puddle on the floor and notice small water dripping from the top of the door down. That day i sprayed a hose at the door. I started at the bottom of the door. I sprayed the threshold and no water leaked in. I then sprayed the sill and again no water leaked in. I sprayed the sides of the door and the top of the door and noticed a little water comming in. The hose was spraying pretty hard for about one min. when i open the door, i notice that the water feel down from the top of the door, like the water puddled up there. I then sprayed around the brickmolding and caulked section next to the house and no water came in. If i just put up an awning to protect the door from rain hitting directly on the door will this solve the problem. I have no leaking when the rain comes straight down. Or is there a way to weatherstrip the sides and top of the door.