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    I recently had a new set of french doors installed. The first few rain storms there was no leaking. But last night we had a major wind and rain storm(more than one inch of rain fell in a hour) that blew in the direction of the doors. When i woke up i had a small puddle on the floor and notice small water dripping from the top of the door down. That day i sprayed a hose at the door. I started at the bottom of the door. I sprayed the threshold and no water leaked in. I then sprayed the sill and again no water leaked in. I sprayed the sides of the door and the top of the door and noticed a little water comming in. The hose was spraying pretty hard for about one min. when i open the door, i notice that the water feel down from the top of the door, like the water puddled up there. I then sprayed around the brickmolding and caulked section next to the house and no water came in. If i just put up an awning to protect the door from rain hitting directly on the door will this solve the problem. I have no leaking when the rain comes straight down. Or is there a way to weatherstrip the sides and top of the door.

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    There a different types of weather stripping to fit different doors. You should be able to find something that will work. While putting up an awning may improve the problem it really isn't a fix. Also, inspect around the doors to see exactly where the water is coming in. Look very closely and see if you can see light coming through around the door. Does the door work well otherwise. It could be out of square and not sealing properly. Does either door hang up (even slightly) anywhere in it's swing? And check the weather stripping that is there now to see if it is pinched.

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    The door is working fine. It only leaked the once in the rainstorm with the blowing wind into the door. THere is no light comming in but i put extra weather stripping in the door between the doors, at the top and at the hinges. This has corrected the problem. In addition, the awning has helped protect the door during wind that pushed rain towards the door.

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