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    Question 1940's Sears house plaster walls

    I am buying an 1940's Sears cottage with plaster walls set on blocks. Growing up I have lived in similar homes, that with time and small house shifts, plaster walls crack. Is there anything that I can put on the walls to cover the plaster so that when this occurs, you just won't see them?

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    Default Re: 1940's Sears house plaster walls

    A while ago I saw a wall covering system used on one of the DIY shows. It was used in that episode to cover some old plaster that had cracks but no missing chunks or gaping haoles. It was basically a rubberized wallpaper-type system. It did not look too difficult to install.

    I've considered it myself for our walls. The house was built in 1949 and the walls were covered with a greenish, drywall-type board and skim-coated with plaster. The result is a thin veneer, 1/16" - 1/8" thick, that has seen better times over the years!

    But we call it home!

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