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    Default Bead board over tile

    Do I need to do anything to place bead board over old tile in bathroom? Is this a good idea or should I just remove tile?

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    Default Re: Bead board over tile

    is it ok to put bead board over tile in the bathroom or should I take it down?

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    Default Re: Bead board over tile

    Is it single board/real bead board or is it pre-painted paneling?

    I guess, regardless, I would strip the tile off the wall. You could put the beadboard over the tile but you might want to take a belt sander and scar the wall first because you're going to have to glue the board to the tile. You want the glue to have something rough to attach to.

    If you're using real boards, you may have a little problem since the boards may be a little warped and you won't be able to nail them in the middle, to suck them up tight to the wall. I'd go with the pre-painted panels.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Bead board over tile

    Where can I find prepainted paneling?

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    Default Re: Bead board over tile

    If you are talking about bead board panels and you are installing them on ceramic tile with a product like Liquid Nails sanding the tiles will do little. Run your beads of Liquid Nails along the grout lines to bet better adhesion.
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