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    Post Other fixtures gurgle loudly when toilet flushed

    Old house (1910?) with City Sewer and a single Soil Stack to which bathroom toilet, sink and tub all connect. Bathroom is located on the second floor. When toilet is flushed the tub and sink drains gurgle, sometimes very loudly.

    All house plumbing is connected to the single Soil Stack. Gurgling is heard only in the bathroom when toilet is flushed. However, when clothes washer empties (basement, in a twin tub) the water will rise and fall in the non-washer tub drain as if pulling air and will make a cyclic gurgling noise too. Possible cause, diagnoses and fixes? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Other fixtures gurgle loudly whenhttp://advice.thisoldhouse.com/fo toilet flushed

    The only time I encounter this kind of problem I have roots in my waste pipe and it's time to have the auger company come out.

    I can't say definitively this is your problem though. It is worth checking out.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Default Re: Other fixtures gurgle loudly when toilet flushed

    Could be either a partial obstruction of that main vent stack or an obstruction in the main drain line.

    Both the toilet and a washing machine put out much more water in X amount of time than the other fixtures in the house.

    Gurgling in other drains/traps when these high-volume sources are discharging can be caused by either suction (obstructed vent stack) or by back-pressure (obstructed main/house drain).

    Stick a garden hose in the main vent stack and turn it on full. (Have someone inside the house so that if the water starts to back out of a fixture,they can alert you/turn off the water) If the water backs up out of the top of that stack, you have an obstruction in the stack.

    If you have an obstruction in the main or in a branch drain instead, the methods to locate where that is will depend upon the particular plumbing arrangement in the house.

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