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    Default Pls Help! My Cast Iron Tub has a hairline crack


    I hope someone can recommend a product to repair two fine, hairline cracks that just appeared in my in my old, cast iron, claw foot tub?

    The cracks radiate out from the outflow upper drain, and run parrallel to the floor.

    If one is careful about how much water one uses it isn't a problem, but I wonder if there is a product I can use to fill in and seal the hairline cracks. I'vew lucked out at the local hardware store and my plumber doesn't understand why I want to keep "that old thing"!


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    Default Re: Pls Help! My Cast Iron Tub has a hairline crack

    from what I have read on line, cracks in the porcelain are no big deal and can be resurfaced with epoxy but if it's "all the way through" there's really nothing you can do but replace it.

    Even Kohler replaces tubs newly installed that develop cracks near the drain.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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