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    My husband and I just got our first house. Its not that old of a house (built in 1999). However we were about to start painting when I notice part of the wall was warped. Its right under a window so at first thought I thought it was the window was leaking. There was no signs of it being wet. Its just a small part under the window and not the full length of the window. At this point I am at a lost of what could be wrong or to whom to hire. Any thoughts are welcome.

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    It could be a few things, none of which are detrimental to the integrity of the wall. Most common is that an outlet or switch, or some other obstruction gets covered by the drywall, second most common is twisted or warped lumber used in the framing of the wall.

    A general contractor would be able to remove a section of drywall to assess what's going on behind it, make any necessary repair, and patch the drywall.

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