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    Default Pathway and concrete porch

    I want to build two pathways on my property and was thinking of using pea gravel but someone mentioned that when leaves and snow get on it, getting both off it will put the gravel all over the place.
    Any thoughts?

    If I use slate, where is a good place to get some.

    next, I have a concrete porch that is all rough on top - is refinishing it as simple as mixing concrete and smoothing it over the top?



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    Default Re: Pathway and concrete porch

    Gravel or crushed stone walkways can be a pain to keep clean especially with falling leaves. As far as the slate goes you should be able to find places in the phone book under Landscape Materials.

    The concrete will require a little more than just covering it. You'll probably need to clean it first and then prime it with a product that allows concrete to stick to other concrete. Hope this helps you out.

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