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    Question Uneven kitchen floor

    We need to replace our kitchen floor tiles. For some unknown reason the floor has become very uneven on one side. We have wheels on our chairs and they go rolling down hill when you set in them. Hubby went under house to see if he could find a cause.. and could see no problem in that area. We have some spots where the floor joist are pushing up.. He figures he could shave them down some and fix that problem. But the other problem we can't seem to figure out what to do with it. Would a floating floor help?

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    Default Re: Uneven kitchen floor

    leveling the floor joists is the only thing that will help.

    Another poster in another post suggesting placing shims above the joists but under the subfloor to level low spots too.

    eventually your floating floor is going to flex and settle to match your sub floor and you'll be back to the same problem
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Default Re: Uneven kitchen floor

    Sounds like your house has a crawl space and not a basement.

    Does it have a full foundation or is it built on piers?

    If piers, it sounds like some piers are sinking or some piers are heaved by deep frost. Niether is a good situation nor an easy fix. Leveling the floors in a house that's "on the move" is a waste of time, effort and money. If the piers are sinking or haeving, that's where the first efforts need to be spent.

    If you have a full perimeter foundation with some piers under the house as well, the same could be happening. The foundation could be sinking while the piers aren't or vice-versa.

    Or......you could have a house sill that's rotting away, carrying the floor joists downward with it.

    Impossible to determine the actual cause/situation from here.

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