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    Default installing a toilet into a sewage ejector pit

    In my basement I have a Sump Pump and an Ejector Pump. I want to install a bathroom, but I do not have existing plumbing for a toilet.

    My Ejector pump can handle up to 2" solids, and the line is pumped directly into my sewer pipe. I would like to have my toilet drain into my ejector pit, but I do not know how to install the pipes.

    I have 3 holes in the screwed down lid now: 1 for the vent, 1 for the waste pipe, and 1 for the wire.

    My questions are -- can I create a new hole in the lid (and use a wall toilet flange?) Do I need to break up the concrete and pipe into the side of pit (use a floor toilet flange?)

    Any Help will be appreciated!!! Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: installing a toilet into a sewage ejector pit

    If you ave enough fall then you could install a back outlet toilet and dump it into the pit. Buuuuuut you need the right hole and gasket. You can also break a ditch and dump it in the side of the pit. either case you need to vent the fixture drain.

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