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Thread: Stairway design

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    My friend is rebuilding a cabin that was destroyed by a forest fire. He wants to design the stairway so it doesn't creak like the original. He believes this could be accomplished by welding a metal frame and attaching the wood to this. His idea is to use C-channel with the open of the C facing out, with wood in the channel, then attach the skin to the wood. On the top of the C he would weld angle across to a mirrored c-channel that he would attach the step to. My question is, will this keep the stair from creaking? Seems that it might need to be some other material than wood (MDF). I believe that the creak comes from wood touching wood, and I'm thinking that condition may still exist. Anybody have a suggestion or opinion?

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    Default Re: Stairway design

    In my opinion he should make the stringers out of LVL's (Laminate Veneer Lumber) since they are much stronger than a
    2x12 you can get today. If he can use construction adhesive to attach the treads that will help. If the wood will expand and contract a lot however the construction adhesive could cause problems with cracking. In that case he could put something like tar paper or rosin paper in-between the stringer and tread before nailing to help prevent squeaks. Hope this helps you out.

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