I have a small house that has a rat's nest of copper piping that's been patched and extended and capped over the years. I'm doing a kitchen remodel and heating system upgrade (switching from air to hydronic), and have decided to just rip it all out and switch to PEX.

I am planning not to do a manifold because the house is tiny, but rather a 3/4" trunk with 1/2" branches to the fixtures.

However, every pipe in the house is 1/2" at the moment, including the pipe that connects the main shutoff to the inlet of the water meter. I'm pretty comfortable changing out the pipe at the outlet of the meter, but should I change this inlet pipe to 3/4" copper to match? Seems like a real bottleneck.

Or maybe I don't NEED 3/4" and should just stick with 1/2" everywhere?