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    Default old walls-leave alone or start over?

    I just bought an older house, and the previous homeoners drywalled over the existing plaster on the first floor only. The problem with this is they did not pull the casing or baseboards away from the walls. Now in some areas the wall is flush with the door casing, or has left a narrow profile. Also, they nailed a 1x1 stip across all of the basemoulding tops to cover drywall meeting the base top. It is very unatractive, and we are looking to put flat panal wainscotting over it in the dinning room. Do i pull all of the casings off and pack it out? or pull off all of the drywall and plaster and start over? or just try to work with it?
    Any sugestions and ideas are welcome.

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    Default Re: old walls-leave alone or start over?

    Sounds like it was a botched job to begin with, and no amount of tape, band-aids, paint, or spackle is going to rectify it. If it were me I'd at least pull the drywall off, then assess whether or not the plaster can be saved or if that needs to come off too and then install new plaster or drywall. IMHO, it will be better time and money spent to do it properly than to try and work with what you've got, any additions to the mess will just make the mess stand out more and devalue your own attempts at improvement.

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    Default Re: old walls-leave alone or start over?

    I'm in 100% agreement with A.Spruce.
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    Default Re: old walls-leave alone or start over?

    If You Pull It Off You Could Reinsulate Be Comfortable In The Winter And The Walls Would Look Nice All Year I Feel Your Pain I'm Finding The Same Thing As New Walls Are Seperating Lucky Us Good Luck

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    Red face Re: old walls-leave alone or start over?

    Since you're going to put wainscoting on it I would vote for pulling off the molding and strip filling that area with drywall and going ahead and putting up the wainscoting. just remember that your nails need to be longer and that little filler strip may not keep things as pretty as you want them to be.

    If you were looking to have a beautifully flat wall and put up the same height of base board I would advocate a complete tear down.

    I do have to agree about being able to insulate if you do tear off but there are pourable expanding foam insulations which could do the same without as much demo.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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