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    Unhappy My yard is a lake!!!

    Everytime it rains, snows, or someone over waters their lawn my yard turns into a lake. We have had upto five inches of standing water in our yard and it fills up 3/4 of our total yard space. I am at my wits end as to how I fix this . The lady who lived here before us knew of the problem (but did not disclose it to us) and so she raised the soil levle on one side of the yard. Now all the water settles in the low spot. We live in Northern Utah and have very dense clay for our main soil type. We also live in a newer housing development which was built on a very large water table. I dont know if we should have the yard regraded (no where for the water to go though) or if we should put in a drainage system. If anyone can help me I would greatly appriciate it. I can get pictures if it will help?

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    pic's would help, please.

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