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    Default good vanity source?

    We're redoing our only bath. It's pretty small, and the plumbing comes up from the floor, not the wall, which limits the kinds of vanities we can use (no wall-mounts or pieces with drawers, for example)
    So far, we haven't seen anything we like that's a reasonable price. Anyone have any good sources for vanities or any other bath stuff? Would it be easier just to convert a piece of furniture? Any suggestion are welcome!

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    Smile Re: good vanity source?

    Have you ever seen the euro style vitreous china sink/tops? Just about every bath/vanity retail resource has some version of them.

    I've also seen these up to 37-40" wide with a set of drawers only on one end, or both with doors only in the center.

    To get an idea of what I'm referring to, go to and type in the two following sku numbers (one at a time) in the search button:

    sku 618958 should bring up a Pegasus Valenza 24-1/8" cherry Vanity with White Vitreous China Top and matching mirror

    sku 100309716 should bring up a Pegasus Solerno model HDV22

    These are the low end brand, and smaller vanity/sink types, American Standard and others make much more expensive versions also. The reduced depth of the cabinet itself and the sides can add greatly to the usability of limited space bathrooms, yet still offer hidden plumbing and limited hidden storage.

    Just one of many options out there.

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    Default Re: good vanity source?

    Freestanding corner unit could also bring plumbing through the bottom, for example go to

    and type in the item number: 78090 should bring up a woodgate 24" Reedsport White Angle Corner Vanity, includes intregal corner sink top and a decorative furniture toe kick.

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    Default Re: good vanity source?

    The problem with most euro vanities is that they have legs on them which would have the plumbing visible underneath them. Depending on what price range you are looking for, I have a site for you to check out (there are several different styles and they are significantly cheaper than the same stuff at Home Depot or Lowes), but you should be able to find a cabinet that accommodates your needs. Depending on what size vanity you need, all of the cabinet manufacturers should have a vanity would meet your requirements.

    RTA Bathroom Vanities

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