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    Default Floor strengthening for stone tile

    I'm remodelling a 300 year old house and want to install limestone floors in the bathrooms. The floor joints are 3 x 8 and on 30 inch centers (as opposed to modern 16 inch centres)

    I have removed old flooring. Can I get away with using a thicker subfloor (e.g. 1 inch ply + cement board as opposed to using 3/4 inch ply + CB) or should I use 2x8 stengthers running perpendicular between each joist?


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    Default Re: Floor strengthening for stone tile

    I would have to say that with the limestone you are going to have quite a bit of weight on that floor.
    They may be 3x8 but 30 inch spacing is large but you haven't mentioned the span of the joists. So if you don't reduce the spacing with 2x8 joists making 15 inch spacing then at least use the 2x8's as cross blocking every 16 inch on center.
    That would be my suggestion.

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