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    Default Recessed Lighting

    Trying to figure out the problem with my recessed lighting. One fixture will go on and then a short while later will turn off, then it just keeps doing going on and off. (Even when the bulb is not in, I can hear it clicking on and off while the other lights are on.)

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Recessed Lighting

    Not sure if it would do it while the bulb is out but if the light fixture overheats it may shut off. There are many recessed lights that can not be covered with insulation. You should make sure that the light is either rated to be covered or that insulation has not inadvertently been put around the fixture. Hope this helps you out.

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    Default Re: Recessed Lighting

    Very odd. My first thought was that maybe the thermo shut-off switch on teh can is defective... but I doubt that would cycle on and off like that! Next, I wonder if there's another heat source close to that can. like a heating duct, a hot water pipe, another light fixture, etc. That might cycle that shut-off switch. Very wierd. Good luck.

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