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    Question Staining My New Fiberglass door (ugh!!)

    Hi All-
    I REALLY need help!! I just purchased a beautiful fiberglass entry door and have little to no clue as to the best method of staining I should use. This weekend I mustered up enough nerves to purchase some stain and clear coat, but am apprehensive about the process. If anyone has solid suggestions for me, please know that they are appreciated!!


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    Default Re: Staining My New Fiberglass door (ugh!!)

    Your concerns are well founded as regards staining FG doors. Mighty big subject. Too little energy and time left tonight to cover it all and so instead..... I'll direct you to these threads. Yes, there is lots of reading involved. Grab some coffee.

    These are threads from the Breaktime forum of Fine Homebuilding.

    Hopefully, you can access them readily.

    If not, you'll have to register at BT first.

    Take a trip to Fine Homebuilding and look for the link to the Breaktime forum (discussion forum, perhaps) Register and you should be good to go.

    Then click the links below and read away.





    If you have troubles getting access to the threads (even after registering).....post back and I'll try to guide you in.
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