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    Default New Wood Deck over Old

    My front porch is in good structural condition, but over the years the 1x6 boards were stained, then painted. Of couse, the paint is peeling badly. Rather than going thru the pain of stripping/sanding/painting, or removing them entirely (they are nailed, not screwed) can I put another layer of 1x6 cedar directly on top? The current height is 7" above the last step. Do the boards need to be gapped? Should there be a layer of waterproofing between?

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    Default Re: New Wood Deck over Old

    I wouldn't do it, the problems with those boards are still going to be there and may telegraph to the boards on top in a hurry. In my opinion, removing boards that are nailed is going to be a lot easier than screwed down ones because you can pry up the boards.

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    Default Re: New Wood Deck over Old

    In my opinion ..... if the existing deck boards are in good structural condition and simply nailed down .... it would be far cheaper to pull them up and turn the underside up and nail down again.

    The underside should be in nice shape without any paint ... might need a slight rinse with water to clean .

    Just a thought.

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    Default Re: New Wood Deck over Old

    Double layering only creates a trap for water between them that will hasten the destruction of both layers. Plus it only takes a couple of hours to pull up a fairly large nailed down porch deck. And you get to check the condition of the framing.
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