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    i'm a plumber in the navy and one of my friends asked me to install a speciality sink. it looks like a leaf. the install went well but what i'm asking is "How can i make the base more stable"? i followed directions but it doesn't seem like it'll hold much pressure if it gets liened upon. oh by the way they have kids and they paid big bucks for it and i don't want to see it broke. thanks for any help. new guy to plumbing.

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    It sounds as if you installed a vessel type lav sink. if that is so, what is not mentioned alot in dorections is the need for a mounting ring. This is in addition to the drain assembly. This mounting ring really adds stability to the vessel attachment to the vanity.

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    First of all thank you for your service to your country. I'm vet and I appreciate your sacrifice. Lord, I know you don't make enough to even call it a living. So thank you.

    Secondly, Welcome to plummin. Most of the time I see coustom and high end specialty and reproduction fixtures they almost always DONT come with or the customer DID NOT order the right hard ware. Now when you describe the sink there are alot of possibilities that I can conjure. So if you could provide some pics I could very likely help you. I have done a bunch of " making rickity junk stable. The only problem is usually who is paying for it and its probably you.

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