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    Unhappy grass once all dried up

    my lawn dried up once even though it was given the right amount of watering and was treated the correct way and all and now i want a new lawn but it doesnt seem to want to grow

    what do i do?

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    Default Re: grass once all dried up

    It could be one of many reasons that it dried up.

    If the temp has been very hot or cold the grass can go dormant.
    It could be pests, bugs, etc.
    The soil might not be able to sustain a lawn anymore, if it's very hard packed, or lacks nutrients etc..
    It could have had a fertilizer (or other product) spread on it improperly, therefore burning it and killing it.

    If you could provide some more details on soil conditions, recent activity/work on the lawn, weather conditions, anything out of the ordinary etc.. it might be easier to pinpoint the problem.

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