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    Default Re: Cutting Down Trees

    Ditto all of the above. I'm a big fan of doing it myself, always have been, but common sense prevailed this year. We had a 16" cottonwood that was aimed at the house taken out by pros. They took it down in sections, chipped the branches smaller than about 6", and I added the big stuff to our woodpile. That said, the area around it for a good 20 feet was pretty beaten down when they finished dropping the last of it to the patio.
    We had another 10" cottonwood that I took down myself. I used a nylon rope which I pulled really tightly in the direction I wanted the tree to fall and carefully notched the trunk. A gust of wind took the top 90 degrees from the way I wanted it to go, took out the fence and trashed a pretty little spruce tree. Just glad it didn't go the other way and take out the sauna. Me, I cleared and rehearsed my exit direction before I started cutting, and was well outside the radius of the top before it landed anywhere.
    Lines: holding onto a rope tied to a falling tree is a realllllly really bad idea. Think:badder than the worst rope burn you've ever had, down to bone is possible; shoulder dislocations and broken bones if a loop of your line grabs a hand or a foot. If you need to do that, loop it around a nearby tree post or something and stand off to the side 90 degrees from the direction of pull to avoid potential snap-back. Any rope, and especially synthetics such as nylon and perlon, have a lot of stretch built into them. If you pull a 3/8" nylon rope tight enough to snap it, the tail will be moving almost as fast as a bullet, in the opposite direction. Don't be standing there.
    I've worked out in the woods off and on all my life, have cleared acres of mixed hard and softwood forest, and own all the right tools, including a chainsaw almost as old as me. We both still work pretty hard, and we both have a little trouble getting started in the morning .

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    Default Re: Cutting Down Trees

    you are going to pay 3-5 hundred for a good saddle, and another 5 for a good set of spikes. and that is before you touch and that is before you touch ropes, pullies and riggings. and that is before you are taught how to even use that kind of equiptment. and that is before you touch the fact of insurance. your insurance company probally won't cover you if you cut it down yourself, thats to say you or your house or garage or anything else that may be damaged by the misfelled tree or your spike hitting loose bark. do you know the proper knots to tie for use in ascending and decending proper tie off knots. there is a lot more then just putting on a set of spikes.

    that aside if you have an interest in climbing people actually tree climb as a hobby which can be a lot of fun. and there are actually tree climbing clubs. they generally don't use spikes like someone who is going to do tree removal but use a harness or saddle along with other equiptment that is consists of either single or double ropes (leaving no scars on trees) to ascend or descend. and being in association with these clubs will put a person with people who are experienced so you can learn how to climb in a safe manner.

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    Default Re: Cutting Down Trees

    Quote Originally Posted by choqokat View Post
    i know TOH has cut down trees in quite a few episodes, but which episode was this? i'm looking for an episode that showed cutting down a tree (really old walnut?) and ended with a new driveway (having a top layer of white/quahog shells and a picket fence with a curved in gate). it was for a cape home where the "garden" was also replanted. i may be in the wrong show, but thanks for your input.
    UPDATE: i was googling images for new england shrubs and - eureka! - found everything i was looking for.

    mea culpa! it's from a VICTORY GARDEN episode (okay, two - 2824 and 2825) from 2003! and it was a walnut tree. have a look-see.

    "new england shrub" google image result: last image (on 032810 @ 1406)

    here are the VICTORY GARDEN pages for the referenced photo:
    1. suburban makeover, part 1
    2. suburban makeover, part 2

    i probably sent wgbh an email about this also because i distinctly remember hunting through victory garden's stuff and it wasn't there then. oh! happy days!

    thank you, WGBH!

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