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    Question Dryed-out Painted Interior Beadboard??!

    After painting all of the [beadboard] interior walls in our new house a year ago, the boards have all spaced apart (from drying out and shrinking). .

    Will the boards swell again or re-settle at all??

    We have been building this house for over 2 years, and are now about at the moving-in point, but before we do we want to know if we are just going to have to have all the interior repainted to fix the many gaps caused by the dryed out beadboard. We have also now installed a humidifier in the house, so maybe this would help close the boards back up?

    Any and all info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Dryed-out Painted Interior Beadboard??!

    Welcome to the world of wood movement. Wood generally shrinks in the dry climates of winter and swells during the damp days of summer. You don't mention if this is new bead board or old. If new it should have be stickered in the house for several weeks before installation to aclement. If new it may have also been a little green (high moisture content). Only time will tell if it closes back up.
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