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    Question New Home Warranty

    Hello. I purchased a new construction home back in May 07, in CT. I bought a new home thinking that I wouldn't have any or many problems. I've had some problems with a leak in the basement due to a crack in the foundation (The builder has came to fix that once but started leaking again. He'll be back to fix that when the ground thaws.He said he'd have to add dirt to grade the ground there too.) I've had a leak up in the attic due to a gap in the plywood(I have an open question about how to fix that). I've also had a leak in the bathtub which the plumber came and replaced (the gasket was bad).

    Since I've had problems I'm wondering what other problems I might have with a new house so I can look for those before my warranty runs out.

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    I know this post is pretty old, but I would definitely have my furnace and AC units checked out. Both usually fail when you need them the most, and both are costly if you have to pay out of pocket.

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    the leak in the roof doesnt make sense, a gap in the plywood isnt causing the leak. a hole in the roofing will create that. a properly shingled roof will will keep the inside bone dry and span the gap in the plywood unless its a large one causing the roofing to sag

    small things to watch are doors beginning to stick and door knobs not latching correctly. these are small things that can be diy

    deck stairs sagging do to ground settling is something to look for. if a concrete pad was placed under the stais the ground may have settled
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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